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Organize all your collections, even stamps



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Finson Mis Colecciones (My Collections) is a program that lets you manage all kinds of collections.

Its database can store all the usual information from movies, Cd's, DVD's and cassettes.

Plus, it can also classify documents such as stamps, or information on the lives and works of your favorite actors, musicians or writers.

The program's main feature is its powerful database which can store a large quantity of information on each element. For example in stamp collection cataloguing, it uses the official terminology. For movies or CD's, you can even add images of the covers, etc.

It also incorporates an interesting option for managing loans so that you will always know who has a specific element from your collection at any given time.

Another interesting function is the one that lets you create users, so that each person can have their own account with their own collections.

The interface can be configured and personalized using skins.

Finally, Finson Mis Colecciones lets you print the content of your index cards on a template that comes with the program, or export them to a website.

Several restrictions: watermarks when printing or exporting to HTML; disabled functions, such as importing from Mis Colecciones 1; limited number of entries.

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